Triangle-50 Radon is proven to greatly increase the risk of becoming a victim of Mesothelioma or and, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The reason so many Americans are impacted by these negative effects is as simple the fact that they never even know they’re being exposed to Radon. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and a worldwide air quality contaminant and could be generated right beneath any residence. The gas is then emitted directly into a home’s air supply through a number of different pathways. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. This makes it almost impossible to detect without the proper tools and resources.

Scary, right?! Fortunately, we here at GEP have access to those tools and resources mentioned above. From radon testing and continuous monitoring right to the mitigation of radon from your home, GEP has you, your loved ones and your home covered! Testing your residence for radon can be a quick and painless procedure, which many counties are now requiring for ANY new home or apartment before they can be legally occupied. Our professionals will work with you to keep your home and family safe. Once testing is complete, if the readings relay a dangerous level of Radon, we are also fully equipped to make your home safe once again and prevent further contamination. Contact us today and get started on securing your home from sneaky contaminants!



In efforts to raise awareness of the presence of radon and its dangers, and to keep our serviced communities safe GEP is proud to announce the $100 Continuous Radon Monitoring Test

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