Triangle-50Dedicated to your convenience and our work, here at GEP we know exactly how to get your new or renovated C-Store up and running as quickly as possible with the finest results. On top of vast experience in building and meeting ADA compliances, we also provide many other services to keep your stores clean and pristine throughout the Southeast. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop contractor for convenience store owners.

We’re your guys from the sign on the street, to the parking lot and everywhere between there and the restrooms. GEP offers a wide variety of standard services, scheduled maintenance services and many often overlooked environmental services as well. A couple examples of our environmental services are storm restoration (fire and flood, too!) and environmental remediation (no more mold!). With our scheduled maintenance we’ll make sure you’re always in tip-top shape. We’ll even take care of that carwash for you. Contact us today to find more about how GEP can make your project as convenient as possible.